EdProf 2014

                     Bucharest, 6 June 2014


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Teacher`s  Training Department from Bucharest University of Economic Studies invites you to attend EdProf 2014.
 The central theme of  EdProf 2014  is  promoting ideas that can lead to new approaches of economic education. The conference is particularly focused, but not limited, on the following topics:

  • Economics and Education;
  • Current challenges in education;
  • Educational entrepreneurship;
  • Education and social economy;
  • Innovation in economic education;

The conference aims to promote original articles of basic research results, case studies and  best practices .
Conference Fee: 100 lei (that includes conference map, cd with the full papers, published at Editura ASE, rated A 2, with ISSN and coffee break). Accommodation and transport are supported by participants.  Participation for students is free.
Participation conditions: 
One participant can have only 2 papers. One paper can have maximum 3 authors. Authors shall register only on-line. We encourage the participation of university and preuniversity teachers, students and others persons interested in educational issues.  The language of  the conference is English. We are making steps in indexing the current conference in social and education sciences data base.
10th March – 11th April 2014on-line registration(creating a user account and abstract upload)
18th April - notification of abstract acceptance 
19th April - 16th May 2014: full paper upload 
23rd of May -  30th May: tax payment (the tax payment receipt  is sent to the conference on-line address 
26th may 2013: announcing the conference agenda


Paper format:
- Language: papers must be submitted in English

- Number of pages per paper: 2 – 6 pages
- Paper title (TNR, 14, Bold)
- Author(s) name and institution (TNR, 11, Italic)
- Abstract - max 150 words (TNR, 11, Bold-Italic)
- Keywords – max 5 keywords (TNR, 11, Normal)
- Paper (TNR, 11, Normal)

Bibliography will be placed at the end of the, like in example below:
    Book: Lăcătuş, Maria-Liana, (2009), Învăţământul preuniversitar şi educaţia economică, Editura ASE, Bucureşti.
    Article: Bran, F., Ioan, I. (2006), Values of Western and Eastern cultures – a comparative analysis in the context of environmental education of youth, în Intercultural education in the context of Romanian’s integration in European Union, Bucureşti, Editura ASE.
    Web: Low, G., Lomax, A., Jackson, M., Nelson, D., (2004), Emotional Intelligence: A New Student Development Model, American College Personnel Association in Philadelphia., accesat la data de 25 mai 2008.


Page setup:

- Margins: left, right, up, down 1’’ (inch);
- Line spacing: 1,5;
- Orientation: portrait;
- Dimension: letter.

Information about on-line register, tax payment and paper format is available at

Best regards,
EdProf Committee